Project Proposal for HTML Authoring and Design

Reeti's Mouthwatering Indian Recipes

Site Title: Reeti's Mouthwatering Indian Recipes

Developer: xxx

Date Submitted: xxx

Content Focus:

Mission Statement:

The Web site aims to create a recipe bank of Indian recipes collated from various regions for young Indian migrants who have migrated to foreign lands. It will provide recipes that are not just healthy and timesaving, but also appealing to the taste buds.

Main Elements Outline:

The Web site will contain recipes from India categorized by North, South, East and West regions. Within each region, well-known easy to cook recipes with pictures will be presented in an easy navigable format. If the Web site contains any local terms, definitions and examples will be provided in a new window for a foreign audience. Further, each region will be categorized on kinds of foods, which include entrees, desserts, snacks and pickles.

Target Audience:

Design Considerations:

Limiting Factors:

  1. The Web site will be provided in English. Since India is a large country with more than 25 languages spoken across states, there are chances that local terms may appear on the Web site if a corresponding word is not availabe in English.
  2. Primary colors will be sparingly used as background. They will be limited to fonts and headings.
  3. Audience might prefer reading recipes in their own language. Unfortunately, this cannot be addressed since it is beyond the scope of this project.
  4. Many local terms will be transliterated in English because of which there remain chances that the right pronunciation may not got correctly reproduced.