Web Site Proposal

Site title:

Clear River Station Operations Department (operated by North Atlantic Energy Services Corp., a member of the Northeast Utilities system)

Site developer:



The focus of the Operations Department Intranet site is two-fold. The site will primarily serve as a resource for the departmental staff, providing one area where a great deal of helpful information will be available. Instead of searching on different drives and directories on the corporate network architecture, staff will be able to find all the information in one place on the Intranet. Secondly, the Web site will serve as an informational medium for the rest of the corporation, sharing the department's mission statement, goals, contacts, etc.

Number of individual Web pages:

15-20 individual pages, with 3-4 levels

Target audience:

Northeast Utilities' Intranet users, especially NAESCO staff and the Operations Department

Design considerations:

This Web site will incorporate text, images, frames, tables, internal and external links, etc. The users are currently running Windows for Workgroups v3.11, but will be moving to Windows NT v4.0 later this year. Netscape Navigator v3.0 is currently the on-site standard browser; however, remote access to the Intranet is available to employees with Reach Out software from Stac Software Inc., so this site will also be tested on other popular browsers, such as Netscape Navigator v4.0, Internet Explorer v4.0, and America Online v4.0.

Limiting factors:

Clear River Station doesn't currently rely on their Intranet much for business operations. This is a pioneer Web site for them; there are only a few other departments at the station who have pages on the Intranet, and most of them were done by Web hobbyists at home playing with a WYSIWYG editor.

Because this site is for a private Intranet, the Intranet links can only be fully tested on site; it cannot be tested locally unless logged in via the Reach Out software.

Main elements outline:

  1. Home page
  2. About
  3. Tagging
  4. Safety
  5. Schedule
  6. Documentation
  7. Communications
  8. Related links
  9. Site Navigation
  10. Feedback

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