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XML Schema

Downloads and Resources

The W3's XML Schema recommendation Part #1: Structures explains the syntax of building an XML Schema.

The W3's XML Schema recommendation Part #2: Datatypes - detailed descriptions of the datatypes.

Want to quickly view the available datatypes? Jump to this chart of XML schema built-in datatypes from the W3 recommendation.

Relax NG is a lightweight version of an XML schema langauge that is a reaction to the syntactical complexity of W3's XML Schema.

A good brief introduction to XML schema with downloadable file examples.

A good resource of XML Schema Best Practices with white papers and lots of good recommendations.

A good FAQ with brief answers to a lot of your XML Schema questions and links to resources.

The W3 has a primer on XML Schema language.

Interesting schema examples and a tutorial from Roger Costello.

The basics of using XML-Schema.

XML Schema Best Practices page has a variety of PDF files with good advice on designing schemas.

A solid XML validator from Decision Soft.

Another online XML Instance Validator that lets you choose the parser type.

The W3 has a schema validator that checks the your schema syntax for errors. This validator does not validate an XML instance against the schema, rather it checks the structure of your schema.


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