Chapter 1 - HTML

In this chapter, you explore how HTML is used along with CSS to create web pages, and you learn the history of how HTML has evolved to its current state. As you will see, designing web pages has changed dramatically in the last few years. You will examine the latest release of HTML, called HTML??, and see how it can adapt to the future of the web. You will learn about the new elements and capabilities of HTML??, how to choose the best syntax for the web pages you are going to create, and how to create correct code. Finally, you will consider what type of software tool you can use to create your HTML code, and how to use good coding practices to make sure your work is useful now and in the future.

When you complete this chapter, you will be able to:

Web Resources

W3C Main Page

W3C HTML5 Latest Draft

W3C CSS Home Page

W3C XML Page

WHATWG community home page

W3C - What's the difference between HTML5 and HTML 4?

W3C - Using semantic markup. W3C validation service

Activity Files

Download the Chapter One activity files.