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Table of Contents

Chapter 13 - Web Page Design Studio

In this chapter you have a chance to apply a variety of skills building a mock-up layout design for a fictional Web site. Your "clients" want a home page design for their Web site named DogWorld. The site presents an online periodical of information for dog owners. The content types include feature articles, regular columnists, editorials, advertising, and a search function. The clients have employed a graphic designer to create page graphics for the site. The designer has worked from preliminary sketches provided by the clients to provide a conceptual main page design in two different color schemes. As the Web site designer, you will work with the graphic artist, testing content and browser compatibility, to implement a completed HTML version of the conceptual site.

When you complete this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Apply the design, layout, and CSS skills you learned throughout this book by building a home page for a fictional Web site
  • Describe the design process and decisions a Web designer must make in a standards-based development process
  • Test your work in multiple browsers for consistency as you progress
  • Troubleshoot compatibility issues as they arise

Project Files

Download the file to work on the hands-on project.